Get noticed.
Build hype!

Start driving customers through the door who will vouch for your
business on social media. Trade discount for genuine exposure.


What is eVouch?

We're a kiwi start-up that utilizes the hyper-connectivity of social media to bring local businesses up-to-speed with the digital generation's version of word-of-mouth advertising.

Every single eVouch customer will post a beautiful photo of your business to hundreds, if not thousands of their connections.

In short, We are a referral app that combines the most effective platform in NZ for promoting your business, with the most trusted form of advertising.

The truth

Word-of-mouth benefits

Why spend hundreds on paid Ads when only 4% of people care?
Ask yourself if you would go to a restaurant an Ad recommended
or go to a restaurant your friends & family recommended?


The goods

Top 6 reasons to join

Risk Free

NO joining fee, NO subscription fee, NO cancellation fee. Cancel whenever you want. Our sign up process takes 5mins and you'll be live with your own customized sticker in 30mins.

Effective Marketing

A way for businesses to tap into and passively generate word of mouth which has been proven to be the most effective method of gaining new customers.


We’re flexible. You can customize every aspect of your eVouch experience from your discount rate to your active hours. This puts the power back in your hands.


Bottom line friendly. Our partners fill empty tables, get word of mouth marketing and still profit on each transaction.

Free Marketing

We provide advertising through 6 different avenues. Through customer word of mouth, our app, Instagram, through influencers and even on Tiktok.

Guaranteed Returns

Our word of mouth engine means that you receive guaranteed returns. Each eVouch story provides a tangible return on investment for marketing.

Our bros

Join over 100 other Kiwi Businesses


Easy as

How does it work?

  • Steps customers take

  • Browse Local

    Once your business is signed up, we showcase it to all our users near you

  • Order food

    They will first order their food as regular customers do

  • Upload to Instagram

    Once the food arrives, they will upload a photo on Instagram story via our app

  • Payment

    After their meal, they will pay at the counter through our app and show you the receipt

  • Steps businesses take

  • Sign up

    Apply now, and our friendly team member will sign you up within 5 minutes

  • Check receipt

    When an eVouch customer is about to pay, make sure to check the receipt to confirm the payment

  • Business dashboard

    Sign into your business dashboard to track transactions and more

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